Madame Elena VASSILIEVA has been working with me in several masterclasses over the last 4 years. I have always had the impression that she is a talent quite different from others I had under my tutelage. Her vocal qualities are very special, in so far as she could concentrate in using her beautiful lyric soprano Voice or her very much light but equally beautiful coloratur soprano voice.
(Docteur Elisabeth Schwarzskopf)
November 11, 1988

Elena Vassilieva - dramatic soprano
in the modern Music specialized

Since 2004 Elena Vassilieva is working the vocal concerto "Bornemissa "of Georges KURTAG with the pianist Pierre Laurent Aimard.

Concerts of this" risky" work in Insbr"uck /Austria , London /UK , Ferrara / Italia , Badenweiler / Germany , Wien / Austria :Musikverein , Paris / France : cité de la musique.

She recorded with the quartett Sine Nomine 5 works , specialy composed for her voice , for CLAVES / 2003.
( Tcherepnine /Shoot /Vouistine / Raskatov /Wainberg)

With the That Ensemble and under the artistic direction of the composer, she recorded the work "Galgenlieder" of Sofia GOUBAIDOULINA, for CORD' ARIA   / 1998.

That Ensemble is her Ensemble, specialized in the creation of the modern pieces, like KAUFMAN / DEUTSCH / GLOBOCKAR / HUBER .

She sung the world premiere of the new piece of the composer A.RASKATOV in Dresden / Germany with the philharmonic orchestra of Dresden. June 2006.(with the Hilliard Ensemble ,under the conducting of Mr. Deniss Russel Davies ) recording by ECM. 2009.

Her discography includes a lot of recordings of many composers like :

  • Yvo Malec
  • Edison Denisov
  • Alexandre Knaifel
  • Hans Werner
  • Henze
  • Dallapiccola
  • Olivier Messiaen
  • Alexandre Vouistine
  • Vladislav Shoot
  • Met Chislav Vainberg
  • Girolamo Arrigo
  • André Bon
  • Ivan Tcherepnine
  • G.France Ménotti
  • Khrystoff Majatka
  • Philippe Leroux
  • Alexander Raskatov